Miss opportunity in Dusseldorf for H1

ART- SV70 90-79

Another missed opportunity against Saturday night for the men. This was a great chance to start the 2nd half of the season on a good note, but again we let it go. We cannot stay focus on the game plan for 40 minutes. We continue to show good signs, but lose focus too early to close out games. 

Playing against a Dusseldorf team that is playing different Giants. We started the game good scoring 26 points in the first quarter, but gave up 21 points. We cannot not give up 21 points. It is good to see the offense play with such good flow, we moved the ball great. Jeremy found the open guys and we made shots. We had a good balance of attacking and shooting from the outside. Second quarter we started with turnovers, we gave the Giants 6 fast break early and forced me to take a timeout. I have to do a better job with putting the right guys on the court. We started playing good defense but we gave up too many offensive rebounds. You cannot give good teams these extra shots at home and it hurt us.

The 3rd quarter Dusseldorf did whatever they like on us. We forget about the scouting report and Dusseldorf took advantage of it. We stop focusing on defense and started trying to outscore them. That is not our game, we have to give more effort on defense and let that lead to our offense. Dusseldorf is playing with 4 professional players and it started to show. Their professional made big plays and that was key in the game. I still believe we are a good team, but the record do not show it. We will continue to work and make some changes to the line up to figure out the best 5 guys to have on the court. Feel good about the home game coming up against a really good Herten team.

Scoring: Luchterhandt 24, Lewis 24, Fouhy 14, Kiknadze 5, Voca 4, Bampoulis 3, Braun 3, Spitale 2, Stockey, Wasielewski, Toptan



Über SV HASPE 70

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