No chance for u16 in Paderborn

Paderborn – SV70 104:51 (20:15, 21:13, 32:9, 31:14)

The u16 of SV70 had no chance against a bigger and stronger Paderborn team on Sunday. From the beginning Paderborn use their size to attack us inside. The guys gave their best effort, but it was not enough. We had really good moments where we did really good things, but not enough to win. We missed a lot of easy lay ups that I am for sure we can and will make next time. Even with the guys down a lot of points, they continued tp fight and give %100 the whole game. We will continue to work and try to improve for the game on the weekend.


Priebe 13, Keil 11, Hoppe 8, Siewert 7, Rietz 10, Tekin 2, Holtmann, Holtmann

Über SV HASPE 70

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