U16 loss close game at home

U16- Ibbenburen 69: 84 (12:23, 19:13, 23:20, 15:13, 0:15)

We came up short on Sunday against a really good Ibbenburen team. We had a really bad first quarter. It took us 10 minutes to wake up and they hurt early on. In the second quarter I think we did a better job on defense. We played better help side and stop their drive to the basket.  

After half time I think we finally started to play fast. I think we played with a really good tempo and that was great. It was a great effort from the guys to continue to fight the whole game. In over time it was too much. Maybe we got tired but we lost our speed and we came up short. The guys deserved to win but we have to  continue to work and try to get better. 

Scoring: Siewert 20, Spiljar 2, Hoppe 17, Rietz 9, Priebe 12, Koelsch 9, 

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