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Big win at home for u18

U18- BTV 74:69 (13:21, 21:17, 30:18, 10:13)

Much needed win for u18 on Sunday. Playing without coach Phil is always difficult but the guys stepped up on Sunday. Still did not have the best start, maybe we have to change the warm up a little. We started in zone and I think that made us lazy. We finally woke up in the second quarter but had to play with Max on the bench in foul trouble. 

After half time we play good aggressive basketball. We got the ball inside to Marvin and was able to get Barmer in foul trouble. Leon did a really good job rebounding and attacking the basket that was the speed we need. Still have to focus more on playing team basketball and playing more unselfish. Still a great win against a really good Barmer team. 


Waltenberg 23, Wagner 22, Obrebski 18, Kalkbrenner 8, Siewert 3, Hoppe, Zacharias, Sonmez, Rietz

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