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Easy win for u18 on Sunday

SV70- LÜD 127:68

It was an easy day for the players on u16 Sunday. Scoring a season best 127 points against the guest who had no chance. Offense started off fast, we was able to get stops on defense and lead to easy fast break lay ups. The guys was focused from the beginning and took care of business at home. Led by a great performance from Marvin Waltenberg who finish with a season best 41 points. Coach Phil Urban did a great job at getting the guys to share the ball and make the extra pass. Often it led to Marvin getting open shots under the basket.  The guys have one more game before the break.

Scoring: Waltenberg 41, Wagener 39, Obrerski 22, Zacharias 8, Salgueiro 8, Hoppe 4, Sönmez 4, Siewert 1

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