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Great win in Gevelsburg for the ladies

Gevelsburg- SV70 34:85 (17:45)

The last game of the season ended well on Sunday for the ladies of Haspe. The ladies started the game relaxed without Uli but the ladies finish the game good. In the first half we missed some easy lay ups but the defense was good. In the 2nd half the defense stayed good but we missed open shots. The ladies did great on the offensive rebounds the whole game. Full court press allowed the ladies to get turnovers and the best Point Guard Caddy/Katie made great passes to get everyone shots. Great game to finish the season.


Scoring: Grevelhörster 14, Schade 4, Milanovic 10, Rödl, 6, Schirmer 2, Rosenbaum 17, Cording 8, Rietz 10, Durwald 14


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