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Road loss for u18

Löwen- u18 91: 57 (19:14, 19:13, 26:8, 27:22)

It was a tough day for u18 playing against the top team in the league. Playing with only 6 guys on Saturday the guys played hard and gave all they had, but in the end it was not enough. In the 1st quarter the home team played man to man and we was able to attack them on the inside. I thought we did a really good job driving hard to the basket.

In the 2nd quarter the home team started playing zone and it really gave us trouble. We started to force shots and did not have any ball movement. After we would miss shots they would play fast and got lay ups. In the 4th quarter the guys was tired but continue to fight. The Löwen team is really talented and showed why the are in 1st place. We still have work to do but the guys are committed to working hard. 

Scoring: Obrebski 21, Waltenberg 20, Kalkbrenner 9, Hoppe 3, Siewert 2, Sönmez 2

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