Another tough loss at home for H1

SV70- Salzkotten 70:77

Another disappointing loss for H1 at home on Tuesday. In a very winnable game, we did not make enough good plays when we needed them the most. Like always a slow start had us earlier in a deep hole down 7:21 in the end of the first quarter. Just lack of focus and effort from the guys in the first quarter. Our minds have to be more focused on defense in the beginning of the game and let out defense lead to offense. We come out too much only thinking about offense and have too many defensive breakdowns at the beginning of each game.

In the 2nd quarter the defense was better. We was able to get some stops and play a little bit faster. Still at half time we found ourselves down. We are a better team when we can run fast break and move the ball around. The bad habit always come back and we start dribbling too much or only playing pick and roll. On defense the effort was not there for most of the night, giving up 13 offensive rebounds at half time and 24 for the game. We have no chance to win any game if we give teams 24 offensive rebounds and 24 more chances to score.

In the 3rd quarter we was able to take the lead, but only for a short time. I think once we seen we had the lead, we relaxed and started to think it was over. Salzkotten is a very older team, they stay calm and  continue to play team basketball which was too much for us. They had good ball movement and shared the ball all night. For us we still have a lot of work to do. Guys have to continue to learn each other style of play and learn to trust each other more. Right now I think we do not trust each other enough to be a good time at the moment. We will continue to work and hopefully all the hard work can turn into some wins.


Scorning: Lewis 20, Braun 10, Fouhy 10, Bampoulis 6, Voca 6, Kiknadze 5, Spitale 5, Stockey 5, Luchterhandt 2, Toptan 1, L. Braun

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