First win of 2018 for H1

SV70-Herford 87:77

The men of Haspe started the new year off with a big home win Saturday against a really good Herford team. The first half of the season we showed we could play good basket and is able to play with any team in the league. The problem was not being able to put 40 minutes together and that is what he takes to win in this league. All week long in practice the goals has been just to be better in 2018 than in 2017. 

We got better on yesterday, taking a step forward against a top team. In the 1st quarter we just made shots, we made everything we shot. Shooting 57% from the field and 78% from 3. Making 7 out of the 9 3’s we shot. We had our best quarter of the season scoring 33 points. We limited Herford to 0 3’s and 37% shooting from the field. 

In the 2nd quarter things slowed down. Not all the shots fell but we was still able to contro the pace of the game. We had times where we would miss a defensive assignment and Herford made us pay. The difference this game was when we made a mistake we was able to correct it and get back to the game plan. That showed the growth of the team and hoping we can continue to improve going forward. Big for us was holding Herford to 33 first half points. We really locked in on the defensive end and lead 51:33 at the break.

At half time we talked about being ready for Herford to make their run. Their a really talented team and we knew they would come out more focused in the 2nd half.  We started to miss those shots that fell in the firs half of the game and it lead to fast break points for Herford. We took quick bad shots mostly 3s and they got fast break lay ups. We settled for outside shots and stop attackin. That is something we must continue to work on. At the end of the 3rd quarter we still had a 14 point lead 68:54.

In the 4th quarter we still didn’t play as good as in the first 2 quarters but we made enough plays to win. Our bigs did a really good job rebounding the ball on offense and giving us more 2nd chance opportunities. That was big down the stretch and we was able to take more time off the clock. We made enough plays on defense late to win the game. Still a lot of work to do. We have to find a better balance on offense playing fast at times and running our plays hard. 

Impressive for us is that we lead the whole game. Even when they made a run we was able to answer it on offense and defense. Still a lot of work to do. We will enjoy this win today and get right back to work on Monday. Thanks for the support and hopefully this is a start to a good 2018 for SV70. 

Scoring: Lewis 32, Luchterhandt 15, Fouhy 14, Spitale 10, Toptan 9, Kiknadze 5, Voca 2, Wasielewski, Stockey, Bampoulis, Braun, Paulsen

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