H1 play Friday in Herten

Coming off a great win Saturday against Düsseldorf, H1 look get get another win Friday in Herten. H1 will have their hands full playing against a very talented Herten team. Herten have so many weapons on offense that will make for a very difficult game. Herten roster is filled with guys with H1 experience and guys who can all easily score 20+ plus any game.

Important for us again will be turnovers, we will have to keep our turnovers down to give ourselves a chance at a win. Herten does a really good job putting pressure on the ball and getting a lot of steals. We cannot let their pressure speed us up and force us to make turnovers.

Rebounding will be also important for us if we want to have a chance to win in Herten. Herten American big man Dijon Smith, will present a challenge on the rebounds.  Having played years in this league he has always been one of the best rebounding big man. We will have to block him out and also keep their guards off the rebounds. Their guards are among the league best in rebounding.

It will be another tough task for us, but we look forward to it. Every game this season will be tough, so we will look to have a good week of practice and ready Friday night for 40+ minutes of hard work. Look forward to seeing some fans their and hope to put on another satisfying game.

Über SV HASPE 70

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