H1 Season review


Looking back at the season it is so many “What if’s” stuck in my head. What if Oscar and Michael start the season healthy? What if Thorben played the whole season? What if we had Max and AB for preseason? What if we do not lose Marco for the season. I think we got a glance at what we could have been. I still feel we never had a full healthy roster on the court. The goal was to stay in the league and not finish in last place. We accomplished that, so I consider this a successful season.

I will meet with the guys later this week individually but I still believe we can get better. You can’t teach experience and team chemistry. With so many new guys we never had good “Team Chemistry ” that hurt us late in the season. It’s hard to motivate guys when you are losing games. With more time together I believe this team is a better team next season. Only if guys commit to getting better, staying in shape and trying to improve individually. I do not think we fully committed to that this season and as a coach I have to do a better job demanding guys to get better or leave the team.

I would like to thank the club for the chance to lead the team. They believed in me and gave me an opportunity to be a head coach and I am very thankful for that. Looking back I could have done a better job in so many areas but it was all new to me. The season was for sure a learning experience for me personally.  It is hard to look at a 5-19 record and consider it successful. We stay in the league, we won the Derby against BG and we went 4-0 in January. All great moments to look back at and be happy about. Look forward to getting back to work and trying to continue and improve this team and as an coach. This is still pretty young team, I believe we have the potential to improve. 

Thanks to the fans for the support all season. I know it is hard to cheer when your team is not winning, but you all stayed loyal and cheered for us no matter win or lose. Hope you all enjoyed watching us because we enjoyed your support. It is good basketball ahead for you to watch in the future for Haspe.



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