Home lost to BG in friendly preseason game

SV 70- BG 68: 69 

Close preseason game against BG tonight for the guys. I think we started the game better. We changed the warm up and I think the offense was better. After the first quarter BG was ahead 19:22. I think changing the warm up had the guys more focus.

The second quarter was our best quarter. We won the second quarter 21: 17. We started to play defense and get stops that allowed us to run more fastbreak. At the break we had the lead 40:39. When we play defense and share the ball we are a better team.

After the break we lost the focus. We will also change the warm up after halftime. The third was our worst quarter. BG won the third quarter 11:17. 

Fourth quarter the guys showed fight. We played from behind but played our best defense holding BG to only 13 points. We could not make enough plays on offense to win the game. Late in the game it came down to free throws.  

We will continue to work and get better. Still a lot of work but I like where the team is at. BG played without American import. He makes them a really better team. Next up is Haxa Cup Sunday. 

Scoring: Lewis 25, Braun 11, Fouhy 8, Kiknadze 7, Spitale 5, Bambullis 5, Wasielewski 3, Paulsen 2, Luchterhandt 2, Stockey, Micanovic

Über SV HASPE 70

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