Another loss for H1 at BG

BG Hagen- SV70 86:81

It was a close game on Friday night at BG, but in the end we could not get the win. BG is a really talented team with so many different players that can hurt you any night. From start to finish it was a very competitive game. We found ourselves down 28:25 at the end of the first quarter. 28 points is too much to give up in one quarter, but I was happy with how our offense played. For the most post we played fast and had very good ball movement and that is way we was able to score in the first half. Going forward our defense needs to be better to really give us a chance against top teams.

At halftime we had the lead 42:45, but I knew BG would keep fighting. I told the guys at half time to stay focus because BG would come out being more aggressive in the second half of the game. We did a really good job on BG top players but it was the role players who had a big impact on the game. It was our first time playing with the starting 5 we had and I was happy with how they played together.  In the 3rd quarter BG started to make a run and then we stop moving the ball. We took quick shots and that let BG get fast break points and that really hurt us in the 3rd quarter.

Still a lot a good things happened, that we can build on going forward. It is still all new for most guys and for me as a coach. I have to be better later in the game to put guys in better situation to be more successful. We will continue to work and improve. Another BG game on Wednesday and it is a must win for us against Kamp Lintfort. Minus Thorben Paulsen we have a full roster now and this is at the right time. Ex captain Michael Wasielewski is back from a foot injury, his experience and leadership will help us out a lot. I believe we still have a good team and now we just need to win one game to get the taste of winning back.


Scoring: Lewis 33, Luchterhandt 21, Braun 10, Fouhy 7, Spitale 6, Kiknadze 4, Stockey, Toptan, Bampoulis, Arbnor

Über SV HASPE 70

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