Another tough road loss for H1

TBB- SV70 82:77

Another tough loss Saturday night for SV70 in Bonn. Again the focus was not on defense to start the game. Bonn scored 27 points in the opening quarter Saturday night. That has been a problem the whole season, I think we focus too much on offense and not enough on defense. At the end of the first quarter we found ourselves down 2 points on road 27:25. We have talked all season how important it is to start better on defense on the road, but we continue to fall short.

In the second quarter defense was better and we only allowed Bonn to score 12 points. The half time score was 39:42 and we lead during the break. I told the guys at half time Bonn will come out and look to have a strong 3rd quarter. We needed to come out and have our best defensive quarter of the game and again we fell short. Allowing Bonn to score 26 points in the 3rd quarter. We have to find a way to be good defensively, we need guys angry about defensive mistake as they are about offensive things. 

We had many chances in the 3rd and 4th quarter to put Bonn away, but we just could not do it. We missed open lay ups, open passes and gave up key offensive rebounds at bad times. All bad things to do when you are on the road and trying to win a game. Now we find ourselves at the bottom and no where to go but up from here. We continue to struggle with trusting teammates more and it will take more time to develop better chemistry on the court. I have no doubt we will play better basketball and we will win some guys it just will take a little longer. We do have much time to wait as we play a very tough BG Hagen team who just lost their first game of the season on Saturday. We will prepare this week and look forward to the derby game on Friday night.


Scoring: Lewis 30, Luchterhandt 13, Fouhy 7, Voca 6, Braun 5, Kiknadze 5, Toptan 5, Spitale 4, Bompoulis 2

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