Disappointing home lost for H1

SV70- Kamp-Lintfort 72:76

After showing good signs against BG Hagen, I thought we was moving in the right direction. This lost is bad not because of the team we played. Kamp- Lintfort is not a bad team. Their ability to play team basketball and with their center, they play good together.  I still believe we are a good team we just have to show it.

It will only get tougher from here. We will change things up a little, with training and with warm up. Hopefully, we can turn things around before it is too late. Still a long season to play, but we have to make changes now. I think we played with no energy the whole game. Kamp-Lintfort played exactly how we expected them to play. We knew they had a really good center and like to shoot 3 pointers. We played with no effort and they outworked us the whole game. We did not deserve to win the game. 


Scoring: Lewis 23, Braun 13, Luchterhandt 11, Kiknadze 7, Voca 4, Fouhy 4, Spitale 4, Toptan 3, Wasielewski 3, Stockey, Bampoulis

Über SV HASPE 70

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