Home win for u 18

U18- Schwelm 98: 87 (27:8, 24:29, 27:33, 20:17)

The guys from Haspe got a good home win against a really good Schwelm team. This was the first game back after the Easter break and the played good for only 2 training since the break. We started with great defensive effort but it was only for the 1st quarter. 2nd and 3rd quarter we stop playing defense and only started to focus on offense. Schwelm is a very good shooting team and in the first quarter we did a good job not letting them shoot open shots. We lost that effort and focus in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. I think maybe we got a bit tired and we will have to work more on our conditions next week. Still happy with the guys for fighting the whole game. We have to do a better job staying focus and giving 100% effort for 40 minutes.

Scoring: Obrebski 24, Wagener 22, Waltenberg 22, Kalkbrenner 14, Siewert 8, Rietz 4, Salgueiro 2, Sonmez 2, Hoppe, Zacharias 


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