Road loss for u18

Leverkusen-U18 95:91 (25:25, 18:26, 24:16, 28:24)

Another tough loss for u18 on Saturday in Leverkusen. Playing again with only 6 players, the guys played hard but in the end had not enough energy to finish the game strong. Asking players to play 40 minutes without a break is always tough, but the guys gave all they could. 

I thought our warm up was good enough to have a good start. We started the game and we was just very slow. On defense and offense we was always one step too slow. In the 2nd quarter we stared to play better. We got stops and was able to play fastbreak and that is when we is at our best. At the break we had the lead but again at half time our warm up was again bad. I think we started to get tired and gave less energy on defense to focus more on offense.

Still have games left so we have to continue to work hard and be better prepared for the next game. We will work more on the guys condition so they will be able to give %100 for 40 minutes. I believe we are a better team then how we played Saturday.

Über SV HASPE 70

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