Great win for u18

TSV- U18 49: 106 (20:19, 15:35, 8:27, 6:30)

Even after a slow start the u18 finish strong and got another win against a young TSV team. Playing back to back games had the guys a little tired in the beginning. We had no energy and effort on the defensive end and trail by 1 after the 1st quarter. We started in the 2nd to play zone and used our size to make it harder on TSV. We still gave up more points than we would like to but after stops we really attack them inside and had our best scoring quarter.

In the 2nd half our defense was great, we made TSV dribble left and was able to force some turnovers. After stops we was able to get into transition and that is how we would like to play.  Still have to work on starting the game with more focus and on finishing lay ups. 

Scoring: Siewert 4, Sönmez 3, Rietz 6, Hoppe, Salgueiro 2, Waltenberg 22, Obrebski 19, Wagener 34, Kalkbrenner 16

Über SV HASPE 70

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