Season start on Saturday for H1

SV70: Dusseldorf Giants

First game of the season comes against a very tough opponent in the Giants. They are a very good team and very well coached. It will be a great game for us to start the season. Many believe Dusseldorf will be one of the team fighting for 1st place in the league. It gives us a chance to see how we stack us against one of the top teams in the league. 

Injuries and sickness will have us playing without a full roster, but also gives other guys a chance to step up. We will be playing without veteran player Oscar Luchterhandt who is out another 2-3 weeks with an ankle injury. Also ex captain Michael Wasielewski will not play dealing with a foot injury. Second year player Luca Bambullis is also out due to sickness. 

Playing without a full roster is what we are use to, so it should not be a problem. We have only had a full roster one preseason game, due to vacation and injuries. Look for to the challenge on Saturday against Dusseldorf. The Giants are really giants, they have a really big roster with a lot of talented players. Important for us will be to match their height with toughness. It will be important for us to handle their pressure defense the whole game. We cannot have turnovers against a good team like Dusseldorf and expect to win. 

We had a very good week in practice and hopefully it will lead to a good game. I believe the guys will be ready for the challenge and we hope to give the fans a good game and a good season.

Über SV HASPE 70

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