Big win for u16 in Herford

Herford- U16 70:85

Lead by Mr. Triple Double Oskar Rietz the guys from u16 got an important win in Herford on Saturday. Herford played with 5 players and we had only 7 players so both teams played hard but we was the better team in the end. We needed this win after losing last week in overtime the guys deserved to win this game. 

The guys have been working hard and finally they are rewarded for their hard work. In the 2nd half I think we did a better job playing defense. In the 1st half we gave out up too many lay ups. I thought we did not play any help side defense and that is how Herford was able to stay in the game. But overall it was a great team win. All the guys played hard and gave all they had and that is all you can ask for. 

We have to continue to work hard and try to keep getting better each practice. We only have a few games left and it would be great to win some more. 

Scoring: Priebe 23, Mr Triple Double Rietz 22, Siewert 19, Hoppe 11, Sander 10, Tekin, Lytvynenko

Über SV HASPE 70

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