u18 lose in overtime in Wuppertal

SW Baskets: SV70  83:74

U18 got their first lost of the season in Wuppertal on Sunday. With 3 starters fouled out the team had no chance in Overtime against Wuppertal. After a bad first quarter where the team gave up 24 points to Wuppertal the guys finally relaxed and play SV 70 basketball. The good play was not enough at the end. Committing 29 fouls to Wuppertal 11 unfair or not we have to start the game better. Also we need better coaching in the end. We all will do our part to improve and come back stronger after the break. 


Szemeitat 22, Koop 18, Priebe 12, Micanovic 8, Siewert 10, Strahl 4, Thurn 0, Waltenberg 0, Solmaz 0, Haas, Buballik 

Über SV HASPE 70

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